Jeff calls me one afternoon with the simple statement "Creeks flowin, you in?" What could I say. So with little thought and even less planning on hop on my bike and head over to Spunk Nation to undertake another death march, er paddle. After the drive to Medicine Lake which takes forever, we finally manage to launch around 4:00. After spending a considerable amount of time trying to find the creek we manage to find ourselves in gods very own land of carp. Jeff proved his manliness by punching a the head with his paddle.

He was so pleased with himself.

So, lessons learned on this trip:


Eat something before a death paddle. We found a BP along the way and gorged on candy bars.

Bring headlamps. Or at least a camera with a flash.

Bring a saw. Or be prepared to haul your boat over many many downed trees.

Don't tell your wife you'll be finished by 9:00 when you really mean 2:00am.

And she's picking you up.

But you can bribe her with beer.

Avoid this unless you're an idiot.