01 Badlands-p

The Badlands
02 Badlands Landscape

Badlands Landscape
03 Steve in the Bandlands

Steve in the Bandlands
11 Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats
12 Mount Rushmore

12 Mount Rushmore
12 The Crag

The Crag
13 Prepping

14 Steve

15 Old Baldy

Old Baldy
16 Rushmore

17 Andy Waves 1st Pitch

Andy Waves 1st Pitch
18 Old Baldy

Old Baldy
19 Andy Waves Summit

Andy Waves Summit
20 View from Waves-p

View from Waves
21 Tired Feet on Waves

Tired Feet on Waves
22 Waves Anchor

Waves Anchor

23 Approaching Devil's

Approaching Devil's

24 The Tower

Devil's Tower
25 Dawn at the Base

Dawn at the Base
25 Dawn at the Base

The first pitch
25 Dawn at the Base

Offwidth Crack
26 Patrick on 1st Pitch

Patrick on 1st Pitch
27 Patrick

28 Patrick at Anchor

Patrick at Anchor
29 Patrick and Andy

Patrick and Andy
30 Steve on Traverse

30 Steve on Traverse.jpg
31 Steve Coming Up

Steve Coming Up
32 The Terror

The Terror
33 Anchor Mess

Anchor Mess
34 Patrick Smearing

Patrick Smearing
35 Patrick Coming Up

Patrick Coming Up
36 At the Belay

At the Belay
36 Comming Up

Comming Up
37 Group on Summit

Group on Summit
38 Andy with Summit Log

Andy with Summit Log
38 Patrick Victory Shot

Patrick Being Triumphant
39 Summit Log Canister

Summit Log Canister
40 Victory Shot

The Victory Shot
46 Jessie on Summit

Jessie on Summit
47 View of Campground

View of Campground
48 View of Field

View of a Field


Hanging Out on the Summit