Freyr Belgium: A two day climbing trip to the crags at Freyr in southern Belgium.


A map of the crags. Day one was on Le Merinos, day two was on La Jeunesse.

Looking out on the crags we climbed the first day. We climbed two routes our first day out, a 2 1/2 pitch 5b (5.9ish), though the last pitch was a cake walk. The second route of the day was a long single-pitch 5c+ (5.10ish). Had some really small technical sections that earned the grade. Two-finger pockets with no feet followed by some deadpointing. It was *hot* out as well. Nothing like working a really tough climb while sweat drips in your eyes.

Day two we started out on a two pitch 5b. Technically not too demanding, but I botched the first section and froze up on the first crux section after over-climbing the bolt and mangling an awful traverse/lieback/power-over-technique move. I'm still not sure why I didn't go flying off into space end end up dangling off the overhang.
Must be luck.

Later we mistakenly tried to tackle a 7a+ on toprope. Actually made some progress on it though had to keep wondering why it was so tough as we thought it was a 6a. At least we have an excuse for falling off this one.
OK, these images aren't supposed to go together but they look kind of cool like that.

View of the crags.

More crags.

Double ropes.

Another rope in action.

Corne getting ready to take the sharp end of the rope.

Looking down.

Coming up an easy chunk.

Looking down again. With a camera slung around your torso and only one hand free, there is a limit as to what you can take pictures of.

Up on the anchor, putting faith in a bomber bolt and a thin Spectra daisy chain.

Corne on the anchor.

Our anchor. Inspires confidence.

View from the top.

Someone working a tough one.

Still working...
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