Bike Trip to Marken: A bike trip on a windy day to the small town of Marken in Waterland.

A windmill in Amsterdam

A new building by de Architekten Cie called The Whale House. This is in the Zeeburg district of Amsterdam which is full of interesting new architecture.
A view of Shed #6 on KSNW Island, a new neighborhood in Amsterdam.

A new building in Zeeburg. Not sure of the architect.
A bus.

A view of Zeeburg with an interesting building in the distance.
Another building.

Crossed the river IJ and going through the small village of Durgerdam.

A modern windmill outside of Durgerdam.

The country side.
Dutch Landscape.

I took a lot of these pictures while riding. Sometimes this happens.

Some goats in Uitdam. Someone had to take their picture.

Approaching Marken. Lots of tourists in this little town, but still nice to visit. The houses are mostly painted dark green. They were an island up until recently. The city has been screwed several times. The lake was originaly a large bay called the Zuider Zee. It was damed off early in the century and turned into a large freshwater lake called the Ymeer. The fishing community was devastated. Then they had to stop in-breeding once the causeway to the island was built. Now they have to deal with all the tourists.

The harbor in Marken. Now full of yachts.

More harbor.

Windmills in the distance.

The country side.

Stopped in at a little cafe in the middle of a field and had.....

.... some appeltart and a coffee.

Cows, fields and houses. I'm sure there are some windmills somewhere here too. Typical Holland.

Look at the Magere Brug in Amsterdam.

A view of the Amstel Sluice (locks) on the Amstel a few blocks from my house.