Pampus Island: Kayak trip around the Ijmeer with the Zeeburg Kano Vereniging (ZKV) on July 29th, 2001. I'll upload a map and more pictures soon.

The sign on the island.

The portage from the IJ river to the Ijmeer.
On the Ijmeer

Still walking...

3 Boat with the mainland off on the left..

Approaching Pampus

Gerry and Peter in have a quick snack.

On Pampus.

The corner of the island. Another shot to waste some film.
Approaching the town of Durgerdam.

Waiting in the Oranje sluice (Organge lock). I'm used to the 30m drops of the Mississippi locks. This one drops 30cm. Who knows what I was pointing the camera at.
Cold drinks and coffee in Durgerdam.