Patrick Maun Travel Photos
Here are some photos. The art photography isn't here. I don't have any of that online yet. Just lots and lots of pictures from travels. In fact, mostly just photos from climbing, camping and kayaking trips. Those I remember to take photos or videos on. I'll add more when I get around to it one of these days. There isn't a lot of information with these photos due to laziness (and the fact that there are a lot of photos), but I'll slowly add captions. Enjoy.

I haven't added many photos since 2008 as Facebook has become so popular, but I've decided to give a damn and start uploading a few recent collections of photos. I'll get around to it over he next few weeks. [03.20.2010]


North Shore, March 2010
Ian and I paddling the North Shore ridiculously early in March.


SKOAC BWCA Winter Camping, February 2010
Our annual February trip up to the BWCA. This year we headed out of the Gunflint Trail. Much hilarity ensued.


SKOAC BWCA Winter Camping, January 2010
Our annual January trip up to the BWCA. Beautiful warm weather and lots of friends.


North Shore Climbing, May 2009
North Shore. Hiking. Climbing. That pretty much says it all.


Red Rocks, March 2008
A group of climbers from Minnesota head to Nevada for the annual Red Rocks Rendezvous. Lots of excitement ensues. Video coming soon.


Sandstone Ice Climbing, March 2008
We head up to Sandstone for some spring mixed, ice and even some sport climbing. Video coming soon.


Apostle Islands, August 2008
The annual trip up to the Apostle Islands for a week of paddling and napping. This years contestants were Steve, Anna and Ian. Video coming soon.

The Gunk's, September 2007
A group of climbers from Minnesota head to New York to this classic climbing destination. Some great climbing with great people.


Blue Mounds Gathering, June 2007
The annual gathering in Blue Mounds State Park in southern Minnesota. A great time is always had. I worked on some trad lead and Janet worked on dealing with slippery quartzite.


Red Rock Canyon, March 2007
A group of 30-some Minnesotans head out to Las Vegas for the annual Red Rocks Rendezvous. a great time climbing and hanging out. You might notice I am playing around with some new slideshow options for viewing these. If you want the old fashioned version check here.
As usual, a quick and dirty video here.


BWCAW, February 2007
A trip up to the Moose Lake in the Boundary Waters. Check out the video here.


BWCAW, January 2007
A nice weekend trip up to the Boundary Waters to see just what's shaking on Hegman Lake. Exciting video can be seen here.


Isle Royale Circumnavigation, June 2006
A paddle to, around and back of the largest inland lake in the world. Video action here.


Apostle Islands, August 2006
A week-long trip with Jeff and Mike to the Apostle Islands. Perfect weather and no bugs. Hot hot video action here.


Sauna Islands, October 2005
A late fall visit north of the border. An exciting paddle in big seas.


Pukaskwa Coast, July 2005
A trip down the Pukaskwa Coast of Northern Ontario in a wilderness region of Lake Superior. A trip with Bill, Jerome and Brock. No captions yet but I'll get around to that. Even more exciting video here.


Basset Creek, June 2005
Jeff and Patrick decide to see how stupid and unprepared they can be as they attempt a descent of Basset Creek - a glorified drainage ditch in the Twin Cities.


Apostle Islands, May 2005
David and Patrick take a three-day trip through the Apostle Islands. A great trip early enough in the year that the area is practically devoid of people.

Europe Spring, 2005
Janet and Patrick swing through Europe on a three week whirlwind. Amsterdam, Barcelona and Vienna.

Lake Superior Hiking Trail, October 2004
Janet and Patrick check out a section of the Superior Hiking Trail and fire up the woodstove in the tipi on this late season trip. Bear and Bean lake are really nice.

Devil's Island, Lake Superior, October 2004
A end of the season kayaking trip to the Apostle Islands. Normally this has the potential of being a really rough trip. We had temps in the 70's and calm calm seas. A really nice trip with Jerome, Brock and Bill.

Grey Cloud Sand Dunes, November 2004
Walking around taking pictures in this scientific area near St. Paul on the Mississippi.

Grand Teton's, June 2004
A trip out west with Andy and Steve for a week of climbing in the Teton's.

Yellowstone and Grand Teton's, June 2004
A two week trip out west. Spent the first week in Yellowstone getting chased by grizzlies, then a week climbing in the Teton's.

Kayaking Lake Powell, April 2004
A SKOAC trip to Lake Powell. Great fun and I'll be repeating this trip solo.

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam January 2004
Patrick, Janet, David and Jane spend a month traveling southeast Asia. A selection of the 3,000 some photos in three sections. Enjoy the extravaganza!

Kayaking Voyageurs National Park, July 2003
A wonderful4th of July trip to Rainy Lake with Glen, Caroline, Janet, Patrick and David.

The BWCA, Winter 2003
A winter camping trip with SKOAC. The lake was slushy as all get out. The video of this trip is hilarious. I should upload it at some point.

The BWCA, Summer 2002
A canoe trip to the Boundary Waters with David and Jane.

Climbing Devil's Tower, Summer 2002.
Climbing the tower (Bon Homme) with Steve and Andy. Also some shots from the Badlands and climbing at Mount Rushmore.

Climbing in Freyr, Belgium. Fall 2001
My first trip to Freyr in Belgium for some climbing with the Dutch Climbing Association. I'll post some pictures of subsequent trips one of these days.

A bike ride to Marken. Fall 2001.
A nice bike trip to the small touristy town of Marken outside of Amsterdam. I just happed to have these pictures online so I thought I'd keep them there.

A kayak trip to Pampus Island on the IJmeer. Fall 2001.
A nice day trip with the Zeeburg sea kayak club.

Kayak Outfitting
Some tips on kayak outfitting featuring my old boat. I'll update these with some more tips soon. I have a whole section on gel coat repair in the works. Really, just stay tuned. / /